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Air Conditoners: New Features in Today's Air Conditioners

New Features in Today's Air Conditioners
Thermostat Control: You have manual thermostats which will give you numbers from 1 to 10 or A through F. Where do you set this? Today most people are looking for electronic thermostats where you actually set in the desired temperature. Do you like it at 68 degrees or maybe you prefer 70?

Vents: The vent in the front of the air conditioner where the cool air is returning to your room is also important. Some of these have fixed vents where others give you multiple adjustments, allowing for better air distribution. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a nice, cool room? With a programmable timer you can program your air conditioner to turn on and off at pre-determined times. You may find a switch or slide control on the front air conditioner that says vent; this actually opens up a small vent inside the air conditioner bringing in about 10% of fresh air from the outside.

Exhaust: Some air conditioners feature an exhaust function. This works like a vent over your range and is designed to take the odors and smoke out of your home.

Remotes: Remote controls are becoming more and more popular today on room air conditioners. Not only can you control the temperature and fan speed, but many of these have a thermostat built in. The remote control will actually communicate with your air conditioner and will set the temperature to where ever that remote control is placed in the room.

Fan Speeds: Basic air conditioners today will give you two fan speeds, low or high, while the better models can give you up to five different fan speeds. The energy saver switch cycles the fan on and off with the compressor. When the compressor is off, the fan shuts off; therefore saving you money.

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