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Ranges: Fuel Types

Fuel Types
Will you be connecting your range to gas or electric? Electric ranges require a 240-volt, 40-amp service. Gas ranges, on the other hand, are available in two different types. First, is natural gas. This gas is provided to you by your energy supplier. You may also have liquid propane gas, more commonly known as LP gas. LP gas comes from a separate gas tank on the outside of your home.

Most gas ranges today are designed for natural gas, but most of these can also be converted to work with LP gas. LP gas conversions are not a DIY project and should be performed by a licensed plumber or installer. Today's ranges are also available in dual fuel. Dual fuel utilizes both gas and electric. The benefit of a dual fuel range is that you have the great control of the gas-cooking service on the top and of an electric oven that provides consistent temperature control.

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