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Range Types
Let's take a look at different installation types that are available for ranges today. A free-standing range is the most common range type. It can stand alone, or be placed either between two cabinets or at the end of a cabinet. It has finished sides and a backsplash where the controls are typically located.

Slide-in ranges allow you to have a seamless look of your backsplash without looking at the back-guard of a range. Slide-in ranges feature the burner and oven controls up front, so you never need to reach over a hot surface to adjust the burner. The feature that I like the most about slide-in ranges is that they have a lip that overhangs the counter on both sides; that means no bits of food will fall in between the counter and your new range. The sides are usually unfinished, therefore, slide-in ranges must be placed between two cabinets.

Drop-in ranges, like slide-in ranges, also have a lip that overhangs each side of the counter. They also require customized cabinetry and are dropped into the prepared space with a cabinet toe-kick panel at the bottom. This offers a very nice customized look to your kitchen.

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