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Air Conditoners: What to Consider When Selecting an A/C

What to Consider When Selecting an A/C
There are several things to consider when selecting a room air conditioner. One is the size of the room; take the measurements. What is the length of the room and what is the width of the room? Multiply them together and this will give you square footage.

Next, take a look at your installation. Will you be installing this in a window? Will it be going through a wall? Into an existing sleeve in the wall? Or, will you be looking at a portable air conditioner?

When it comes to the electrical requirements of air conditioners today, they are available in both 110 volt and 220 volt configurations. Air conditioners for the main floor or on a second floor in a single family home will be different. Since heat rises the upper floors will always require a higher the BTU air conditioner. You must also take into consideration the room conditions. Is your room normally sunny or is it shady? A sunny room will require a higher BTU air conditioner, where a shady room will require a lower BTU. Ceiling height is also important. A typical room has an 8 foot ceiling height, anything higher than this will require additional BTUs to cool the space. Lastly, you must consider the number of people in the room; the more people in the room the larger air conditioner will be required.

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