SunBrite HDTVs are engineered for permanent outdoor placement.
   CSA rated for outdoor use. Designed for home or business.
Best Outdoor TV
For patio, pool, deck, outside kitchen – any outdoor living area.
Completely Weatherproof
Years of research leads to a durable weather-proof design.
Viewable in Direct Sunlight
Resistant to isotropic effects, or long hours in direct sun.
Safe and Savvy
Built and styled for safety in a permanent outdoor environment.
NEW FOR 2014!
LED Super Thin Design Aluminum Powder Coated Exterior
Key Features:
•   Signature Series True Outdoor All-Weather LED LCD
Television forpermanent outdoor installation.
•   Bright LED LCD screen for improved outdoor viewing.
•   Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain,
dust, insects, humidity, and salt air.
•   Slim profile powder-coated aluminum exterior for strength
and durability
•   Multi-fan airflow system keeps the unit cool and dry in
temperatures up to 122 degrees F.
•   Ability to operate in cold weather (-24 degrees F).
•   RS232 serial control with discrete on, off, and input control
(located in the cable-entry compartment).
•   Rear IR receiver (located in the cable-entry compartment).
•   Innovative water-tight Cable Entry System seals out moisture
and allows for easy hook-ups.
•   Weatherproof built-in 20W speakers.
•   Weatherproof remote control.
•   Weatherproof control buttons.
•   Remote Control Lock-Out prevents unauthorized users from
changing the programming.
0% Interest for 36 Months
On purchases of all Sunbrite TVs with your P.C. Richard & Son Credit Card through 9/30/14. 36 Equal monthly payments required.
SunBrite 32" Class Signature Series LED 1080p Outdoor HDTV
Available In Black, White & Silver
In Stores Now
SunBrite 46" Class Signature Series LED 1080p Outdoor HDTV
Available In Black, White & Silver
In Stores Now
SunBrite 55" Class Signature Series LED 1080p Outdoor HDTV
Available In Black, White & Silver
Arriving 06/05/14
SunBrite 65" Class Signature Series LED 1080p Outdoor HDTV
Available In Black, White & Silver
Arriving 06/05/14
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Professional installation available plus a 2 year consumer installation warranty
(Available within P.C. Richard & Son installation area only.)
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SunBrite Outdoor TVs are used at Professional Stadiums all across the United States
Fenway Park
Boston, MA
Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, MA
Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, MA
Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, FL
Yankee Stadium
Bronx, NY
The world of the professional athlete is tough and demanding. Every week these modern gladiators lay it all on the line; in tough weather conditions: sweltering heat, bone-chilling cold, and monsoon rains.

These tough conditions also take their toll on stadium equipment especially flat panel TVs. That's why the top sports venues are outfitted with SunBrite True Outdoor TVs. Like the athletes themselves they're specifically designed and engineered to take the pain every game, all-year round.
•   New York Yankees
•   New York Giants
•   Chicago Bears
•   Miami Marlins
•   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
•   Orlando Magic
•   New England Patriots
•   Boston Red Sox
•   Atlanta Braves
•   Cincinnati Reds
•   Minnesota Twins
•   Kansas City Royals
SunBriteTV is the true ORIGINAL outdoor TV. Don’t settle for poorly made imitations.
Before purchasing an outdoor television, make sure you are getting the best possible quality. Some other outdoor TV brands only offer:
•   Re-fabricated indoor TVs disguised as outdoor TVs.
•   TVs that will fail in the first rainstorm of the season.
•   TVs that may not be safe for use outdoors, or around your family
    and friends.
•   A low, low price that is too good to be true. You’ll find out why
    when the TV stops operating in heated temperatures, or servicing
    is not available.