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Fill. Fizz. Flavor. In just three simple steps, you can transform your still water into sparkling soda with P.C. Richard & Son's assortment of SodaStream flavors and syrups. Entertain your guests with a variety of carbonated drinks, or treat yourself to a crisp bubbling beverage of your own creation. Cut costs and cut down on those piles of throw-away plastic containers by shopping P.C. Richard & Son's SodaStream mixes today!

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Become a SodaStream mixologist in the comfort of your own home by using your soda maker with P.C. Richard & Son's wide variety of soda mixes! From colas to citrus, there is a flavor essence for everyone. These small packets have big advantages over canned soda or seltzer water. Not only will you become a connoisseur of sparkling beverages, but you also will help save the environment and save money while doing it! Reduce, reuse and recycle by shopping P.C. Richard & Son's SodaStream mixes today.

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