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Built-In Refrigerators

Create the designer kitchen of your dreams with a built-in refrigerator! P.C. Richard & Son offers an amazing selection of integrated refrigerators to bring the perfect upscale look to your kitchen. Shop now!

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Shop Built-In Fridges at P.C. Richard & Son

Complete your high-end kitchen with a jaw-dropping built-in refrigerator. Built-in fridges create an amazing focal point inside your kitchen and, depending on the finish you choose, can really stand out or subtly blend in. They offer plenty of storage and features, and unlike a regular fridge, cabinetry is framed around it to provide a truly custom look.

Fully integrated refrigerators come in variety of styles including French door, side-by-side, or separate freezer and refrigerator-only columns that come with an outer door panel already attached for a finished look.

Custom Panel-Ready Refrigerators Disappear!

A custom panel refrigerator lets you choose any door finish you like. They create a stunning, streamlined appearance that can completely disappear if you use a refrigerator cabinet panel that matches your kitchen’s cabinetry. Shop our wide selection of gorgeous built-in refrigerators today and find the right one to take your kitchen design to the next level!

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