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Get the best electric ranges at P.C. Richard & Son! Shop our amazing selection and find the perfect electric stove for your kitchen today.

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Looking for an Electric Oven?

P.C. Richard & Son's incredible selection of kitchen appliances includes the very best in electric ranges! Our inventory includes a variety of options for function, size, and color. No matter what kind of electric range/stove you need, you're sure to find it at P.C. Richard & Son!

Shop Electric Range Ovens Now!

Our selection includes electric ovens in freestanding and slide-in models in a variety of widths to fit into any kitchen. We've got ranges with electric coil or smooth-top burners. Self-cleaning and manual-cleaning models are available as well. To match any décor, we offer electric ranges in black, white, stainless steel, and more. Start browsing now – you're sure to find everything you want in an electric oven at P.C. Richard & Son!

How Does a Self-Cleaning Oven Work?

Self-cleaning ovens are incredibly convenient, but there are some important points to be aware of to maximize safe operation. Here are some key tips for using a self-cleaning oven!

Induction vs. Gas. vs. Electric Cooktops

Should you make the jump to induction, or stick with gas or electric? We've weighed induction cooking against traditional styles here!

Self-Cleaning vs. Non-Self-Cleaning Ovens: Things to Consider

When it comes to being productive in the kitchen, automated appliances can make cooking tasks go more quickly and easily. Such is often the case with self-cleaning ovens.

Ranges: Electric Cooktops

Electric cooking surfaces are available in multiple configurations. Check out this video to learn which type might be right for you.
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