Slide-In Ranges

Slide-in ranges create a seamless look between a kitchen's countertop and cooktop, and are available in gas or electric fuel models to suit any kitchen. If you're looking to bring the smooth style of a slide-in gas or electric range, P.C. Richard & Son is the place to shop!

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GE Profile 30" Slide-In Gas Range - Slate
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What is a Slide-In Stove?

The difference between a slide-in and a standalone range boils down to the back. A standalone range has a backguard – usually with buttons, dials, and clock display. A slide-in range, however, has no backguard. This creates a seamless look between the countertop and the cooktop, thus keeping the backsplash on the wall uninterrupted. The controls and clock display are mounted on the front of the oven, completing the slide-in stove's low-profile look.

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If you're looking to bring the seamless look of a slide-in gas or electric range to your kitchen, P.C. Richard & Son is the place to shop! Our selection includes a variety of fuel types, including electric, gas, dual fuel, and even induction burners. Choose from a single-oven or double-oven style. Slide-ins are available in different widths to fit into any kitchen layout, and colors to match any décor. Shop now at P.C. Richard & Son, and find the perfect slide-in range today!