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Frigidaire specializes in offering high-quality, energy efficient kitchen and laundry appliances.
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Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Frigidaire Professional Collection

Get the powerful kitchen you've always wanted with professional-grade cooking appliances.

Why Induction?

Cook time and cleanup is faster with induction technology. Brings water to a boil in less than 2 minutes.
10" induction burner with Power Boost, 6 qt./10" diameter pot, 1 qt. tepid water.

Bake in Less Time

True Convection uses a single fan and third heating element to circulate heat evenly for quicker multi-rack baking in both ovens.
Known as one of the top names in appliances, Frigidaire appliances continue to be affordable and reliable options for households across the world. Browse P.C. Richard & Son’s collection of Frigidaire appliances and accessories for the brand’s top refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens and more. Some of the latest and greatest from the brand includes the Frigidaire Professional Series, a collection of top of the line stainless steel appliances. Shop for all of your Frigidaire appliances in-store or online with P.C. Richard & Son.