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Craft the perfect meal at home with KitchenAid® appliances designed to fuel your passion and make cooking and entertaining easier.
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Black Stainless

For those with a taste for design, KitchenAid now offers a full line of black stainless steel appliances with options as limitless as your creativity.

Preserva® Food Care System

The FreshFlow™ Air Filter helps minimize odors while the FreshFlow™ Produce Preserver helps delay over-ripening.

Even-Heat™ True Convection

The unique bow-tie design and convection fan ensure the inside of the entire oven is heated to, and stays at, the perfect temperature.

Window and Lighted Interior

KitchenAid's stainless steel dishwasher, equipped with a window, lights up when your dishes are done so you can move on to what’s next.

Stand Mixers

Inspire your culinary creativity with an iconic KitchenAid® Stand Mixer you know and love.
®/™ ©2017 KitchenAid. All rights reserved. The design of the stand mixer is a trademark in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Find Inspiration with KitchenAid at P.C. Richard & Son

Designed to inspire, KitchenAid appliances bring joy to every cooking experience. Create the perfect meal with gorgeous KitchenAid products that are easy to use instead of adding stress. The KichenAid line is filled with everything you need to fill your kitchen with major appliances like cooktops and refrigerators to small appliances like mixers and microwaves. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find reliable KitchenAid appliances at P.C. Richard & Son.

KitchenAid Appliances are Built with Thoughtful Craftsmanship

KitchenAid features superior performance, and their iconic design is sure to elevate the appeal of any kitchen. Preferred by chefs and passionate cooks, KitchenAid makes creating simple and intuitive, letting you focus on the process— not the appliance— for flawless, flavorful results. Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen appliances? Shop KitchenAid appliances at P.C. Richard & Son.

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