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The very essence of Thermador is defined by their insatiable desire to be better than yesterday. For more than 100 years, they have honored a commitment to exceptional innovation, superior performance and bold design—and finding new ways to improve upon their successes. Their history is rich with industry firsts that have revolutionized the kitchen experience, from the first built-in wall ovens to their exclusive Star® Burners, all with complete personalization. Thermador inspires their customers to push culinary limits—and empowers them with the appliances to do so. The innovation is theirs. The expression is yours. Together, you are exceptional.
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Patented Star Banner

The Star Burner’s unique shape isn’t just for show. It creates a perimeter 56% longer than a round burner of the same size, which allows the inclusion of more flame ports. The result is a stove burner that delivers superior flame spread and a reduced cold spot for faster and more even heating across any size pan.

ExtraLow Simmer

Thermador's ExtraLow feature provides the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system. It cycles the Star® Burner on and off to maintain temperatures as low as 100°.

Freedom Hinge

Engineered specifically for the Freedom Collection, all units feature a heavy duty hinge that can open to 115°, allowing full-height, integrated doors and Truly Flush Mounted installation without sacrificing accessibility. The hinge also supports virtually any wood panel on your custom panel refrigerator column or bottom freezer.

Real People. Real Food Moments.

Thermador brings you food moments – inspirational stories about people, cooking, and the heartwarming memories they make together. Become inspired and listen to those that share their heart-warming real life milestones with Thermador.

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Thermador has been known for bringing high-end luxury to kitchens around the world for generations. Whether it's the patented Star® Burner on their gas ranges and cooktops, or the built-in Star Glow lighting inside of their dishwashers, Thermador kitchen appliances are as functional as they are beautiful. P.C. Richard & Son is the place to find all the Thermador appliances you need while paying the guaranteed lowest prices!

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The selection of Thermador appliances at P.C. Richard & Son includes everything you need to suit your kitchen. Cooking and baking is covered with Thermador wall ovens, ranges and cooktops, and a Thermador range hood ensures proper kitchen ventilation while adding a matching decorative touch. Thermador microwaves are available in built-in and over-the-range styles, and offer a variety of functions and power levels for heating or re-heating foods. Thermador refrigerators offer ample space for storage of foods and beverages, and come in built-in as well as freestanding models. If you're looking for beverage-specific storage, Thermador has a great selection of wine coolers in various sizes to accommodate the needs of any party host or oenophile. Not matter which Thermador products you choose, shopping at P.C. Richard & Son means you can count on paying the guaranteed lowest price. Complete your Thermador kitchen – shop with P.C. Richard & Son today!

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