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Mattress Technology
Mattress technology has changed drastically over the past few years. To keep it simple, break it down to 3 separate categories. You have inner spring. You have specialty mattresses. And now we have hybrid mattresses. Let's first look at inner spring mattresses. Inner spring mattresses can be broken down to 2 separate categories. You have the traditional coil inner spring, where all the springs are interwoven together. This is designed to give you great support. As you move into the individually wrapped coil springs, these are great for conforming to your body. It's also beneficial if your sleep partner is moving on the other side, motion is not transferred over to your side.

When it comes to specialty mattresses, these remove all of the inner springs. It's layers of foam to give you the support, with memory foam layers on top to provide great conformance. This is designed to relieve any type of pressure point you may have as you're sleeping.

For those of you that have tried memory foam or specialty mattresses and didn't like the feel, you may want to try one of these new hybrid mattresses. The hybrid mattress utilizes the best of both worlds. You have individually wrapped coils down below, with the memory foam on top. You're going to get that inner spring feel with the conformance and pressure relief of the memory foam or specialty mattresses.

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