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With the Sonos family of products you can either start small or you can go large. You see, their family of products is designed to fit in any room of the home. What's unique about their all-in-one speakers is that each driver within the speaker is driven by its own digital amplifier providing you clean, clear, crisp sound each and every time. Now, the Play:1 speaker is really great for smaller rooms and smaller environments. It's a great way to start on your Sonos system. The Play:1 is available in black, as well as white. They're also wall mountable. All you need is an outlet to plug the speaker in. What's also unique about the Play:1s is they're designed for high humid areas, such as a bathroom. For larger rooms, you may want to consider pairing 2 Play:1s together, having one dedicated as the right channel and the other dedicated as the left.
For even larger rooms, I recommend the Play:3. The Play:3 features 3 separate drivers. You have 2 midwoofers and a tweeter. Now, on the back of the speaker is also a passive radiator. The passive radiator is designed to enhance the base giving you clean, full, rich sound for any room, such as a bedroom, an office, or even a kitchen. It could also be positioned either horizontally or vertically. For even larger areas, place two Play:3s in the room having one as your left channel and the other for the right channel creating a beautiful stereo pair.
The Sonos Play:5 is the ultimate all-in-one speaker system. It's designed to provide world class sound throughout the largest of rooms. This speaker is available in both black and white and features 5 separate digital amplifiers. Each of these amplifiers are designed to drive the independent speakers. You have 2 tweeters, you have 2 midrange, and you also have a subwoofer. On the back of the speaker you have a bass port, and that's designed to enhance the deep, rich bass that will fill any room in your home. The Play:5 also has a line input. The line input is a 3.5 millimeter jack, just like you would find as the headphone jack on your Smartphone. With Sonos all-in-one players there's a perfect solution for your home. For more information, go to pcrichard.com/learningcenter or visit our YouTube channel.

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