Affiliate Program
Team up with P.C. Richard & Son and share in the continued growth of the largest family-owned appliance and electronics retailer. With over 100 years of family owned history, we're committed to helping you help us grow for another 100 years. By joining the P.C. Richard & Son our Affiliate program, you can begin to earn commissions on every qualified sale that is directed to from your website.
It's free and easy to join. It's an opportunity to partner with the largest family owned appliance retailer. Your customers will have the ability to shop from a broad range of top quality & respected brands.
What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an online advertising channel in which you, the affiliate (publisher), earns commissions by linking from your website to P.C. Richard & Son. If a visitor clicks thru from your site directly to ours and completes a sale, you receive commissions from that sale.
How do I Sign Up?
You can sign up for the P.C. Richard & Son Affiliate Program through our partnership with Commission Junction. Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing agency that has technology that will track your sales and earned commissions on the purchases that you generate through links on your site.
Does it cost me to join the Affiliate program?
No, the program is free to join.
What advertising tools are provided by P.C. Richard & Son?
We provide a daily product feed as well as text and banner links for your site. Publishers in the program will also have the support of the affiliate network (Commission Junction) account manager as well as our dedicated P.C. Richard & Son internal team.
How will I find out about the promotional offers from P.C. Richard & Son?
You will receive weekly newsletters from P.C. Richard & Son with our top offers and promotions for the week.
Will there be any additional communication from P.C. Richard & Son?
You will occasionally receive tips, promotions, and specific products that we're looking for your help to promote. You will also hear from us regarding special weekend sales, special announcements (regarding program changes or other messages) plus Holiday offers and promotions.
How are missing orders handled?
Missing orders are handled thru the Commission Junction OIM (Order Inquiry Manager). The OIM is reviewed twice per month.
What is your Search Policy?
Brand and trademark bidding is not allowed within the P.C. Richard & Son Affiliate Program. A publisher cannot bid on or use P.C. Richard & Son, any misspelling or the name or misspelling of subsidiary brands in any of the engines or URL strings. We highly recommend that you negative match the P.C. Richard & Son & subsidiary brands in your search and content campaigns. Once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions within Commission Junctions portal you are also agreeing to this search policy. Please make sure to review the Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure that you will be able to consent to them.
Will there be affiliate only promotions?
Yes, from time to time there may be specific promotions and deals that are available for affiliates only.
What is the cookie duration?
3 Days.
California sales:
Any Affiliate with a physical presence in California (which means at least one person is present in California on behalf of the Affiliate) is prohibited from engaging in any solicitation activities in California that refer potential customers to P.C. Richard & Son including, but not limited to, distributing flyers, coupons, newsletters and other printed promotional materials or electronic equivalents, verbal soliciting (for example, in-person referrals), initiating telephone calls, and sending emails. In addition, any Affiliate with a physical presence in California must certify annually, under penalty of perjury, that it has not engaged in any of the foregoing activities in California for P.C. Richard & Son during the previous year.
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