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Audio: What is Bose SoundTouch?

What is Bose SoundTouch?

The Bose SoundTouch family of products is designed to bring your favorite music to every room of your home. Today there are three all-in-one SoundTouch models to choose from. Each of these are available in either black or white and all of them feature six presets, a credit card size remote control, Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input so that your older devices, like a CD player, can be connected. It starts with the new SoundTouch 10. The SoundTouch 10 is the smallest and most affordable one-piece system. It's a great solution for smaller areas.

The SoundTouch 20 is the most popular SoundTouch product in the family. This one-piece system provides room-filling sound from a product that's not too big or not too small. It will fit virtually anywhere. And then there is the SoundTouch 30. This is the highest performing one-piece system offered by Bose. The SoundTouch 30 has the power to fill even the largest room in your home with rich, clear sound. For more information, go to pcrichard.com/learningcenter or visit our YouTube channel.

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