Experience More Power, Greater Precision and Heavy-Duty Design!
The new Frigidaire Professional® appliance collection is here! This line of appliances, inspired by restaurant-style kitchens, offers powerful features that deliver consistency, precision and freshness. Bring the power of professional to your home with professional-grade performance and design.
Durable, professional-grade design featuring Smudge-Proof™
Stainless Steel.
Products designed to fit in existing spaces, without
Powerful performance features designed for precision, consistency, versatility & speed.
Optimized for home cooking, features help achieve an meal elevated experience.
Frigidaire Professional® Appliance Collection Signature Features
Freestanding Ranges
•  PowerPlus® 2-in-1 Griddle & Burner – Ultimate cooking flexibility for endless meal options.
•  PowerPlus® Convection – Evenly cooked dishes, every time!
•  PowerPlus® Temperature Probe – Set and monitor dish temperature, ensuring great results the first time.
•  PowerPlus® Preheat – A powerful start that has the oven ready in just a few short minutes.
French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
•  PreAir® Filtration System – Removes up to 7x more odor than baking soda to keep food tasting fresh.
•  SpacePro™ Adgustable Crisper Bins – Optimize your space & keep food fresh.
•  SpacePro™ Slide-Under & Flip-Up Sleeves – Fit foods and beverages, big or small, for quick access.
•  PowerPlus™ 30-Minute Wash – A powerful clean in a quarter of the time.
•  PrecisionPro Wash Zones™ – Cleans hard-to-reach areas of bottles and delicate stemware.
•  OrbitPower™ Wash Technology – Powerful Clean, with 4x better wash coverage.
Over the Range Microwaves
•  2-in-1 Convection Oven or Microwave – All-in-one, microwave and oven.
•  PowerBright™ Cooktop LED Light – LED lighting offers a clear, bright view of your cooktop.
•  PowerSense™ Cooking Technology – Automatically senses ideal time and power levels.