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We're your online source for appliance & electronics parts! We offer a large selection, and if you live near one of our showrooms, your order can arrive within 1 business day with regular ground shipping. If you can't find what you're looking for, start a chat or give us a call at 800-224-9675.
Appliance Parts
Appliance Parts
Electronics & Computer Parts
Electronics & Computer Parts
4 million parts
& accessories in stock
Carrying most
major brands
Super low prices
& no-hassle returns

When your appliances or electronics break down, we can help you get them back in working order with the Appliance Parts Finder. With over four million parts and accessories in stock, it's the best online destination for all of your maintenance needs. Electronic and computer parts are often the best and most affordable solution for failing or broken electronics.

With stock including speaker parts, television parts, and computer and game system parts, almost any repair is possible. Remote controls and cables are also available in case you misplace yours or need to replace them. Small device parts like cell phone and MP3 player components can make costly repairs more budget friendly.

Name brand parts are available, including Whirlpool and Frigidaire parts, so that you can make the repairs as quickly as possible without settling for off-brand or generic parts that sometimes don't work as well. We carry parts for smaller and less conventional appliances as well. Humidifiers, furnaces, gas grills, trash compactors, ice makers, and more can all be serviced with parts available through the Appliance Parts Finder, making it convenient to begin repairs even when your local home repair store doesn't carry what you need.

Tools are among the most vital components of a repair, and P.C. Richard & Son carries a variety of tools to help with your DIY project. Wrenches, wire strippers, putty knives, and more are available for purchase, all at a competitive price, so that even if your appliance is broke, your budget doesn't have to be.

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