Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses Available at P.C. Richard & Son
Sealy mattress
Sealy traditional innerspring mattress Sealy Posturepedic Classic series mattress Sealy Posturepedic Gel series mattress
Sealy mattresses are well known for their superior comfort and durability. The traditional innerspring mattress has long been a cornerstone of their impressive lineup of products, and for good reason; it's one of the most comfortable on the market. The springs in these mattresses provide best-in-class, unparalleled support.

With 420 SealyTech innersprings or 667 patented PostureTech coils, the back support you'll get means no more achy muscles or sore joints. Sealy is the only manufacturer to use twice-tempered springs, so their products retain 98% of their height and performance, meaning your mattress will stay in better shape for longer, adding incredible value to your purchase.

Sealy's traditional innerspring mattresses are available in a variety of sizes including twin, twin XL, and full, queen and king. Some models come with a pillow top, like the Sealy Trumpet Dunes Plush Euro Top series. Sealy products come in all levels of firmness from extremely firm to plush, so buyers can be sure to get the mattress that makes them most comfortable. Some models of the Sealy innerspring mattress come with innovations like the Gel Orthozone II, a layer of gel infused foam for added support.

Sealy mattresses also conform to different body shapes and weights, providing even more customized support and comfort. The Advent-Edge Support system, available in some models, helps retain the rigidity of the edges of the mattress, something not seen in most entry-level mattresses. In addition, the Advant-Edge PLUS system adds an extra layer and stability making your mattress comfortable to sleep on, even when sleeping toward the edge.
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