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Air Conditoners: Pre-Existing Wall: A/C Installation Types

Pre-Existing Wall: A/C Installation Types
In many homes and apartments today you may have a sleeve in the wall for your air conditioner, but no air conditioner! Want to fill it? You’ll need to find the wall sleeve replacement A/C that best suits your needs. Here’s how:

First, remove any covering over the sleeve. Ensure that you're able to see through to the outside; this way, you know the air conditioner you’ll place in the sleeve will be breathing properly.

Next, get the dimensions of the sleeve by measuring its height, width, and depth. Ideally, you want to get an air conditioner that fits in the sleeve perfectly. Remember it must be a rear breathing air conditioner.

In many cases you won't be able to find one that fits perfectly, so what's the solution? It’s simple: it's known as a universal fit rear breathing air conditioner. They’re designed to fit 95% of all the sleeves ever manufactured. Once the universal air conditioner is placed inside your existing sleeve, you’re going to notice space on the sides and top between the sleeve and the unit. These gaps should be filled with foam and covered with the supplied frame. With the frame installed you will have a beautiful, finished look.

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