Generation Gamers Video Game Reward Points Program

Generation Gamers Video Game Reward Points Program

Join the Video Game Reward Points Program.

Start earning P.C. Richard & Son Generation Gamers Reward Points today...

• No Membership Fees

• Earn 300 Points For Signing Up

• Earn 1 Point for Every $1 Spent

• Earn Double Points For Pre-Orders!

• Earn & Redeem points in any showroom or on

• Get a $50 Gift Card for Every 1000 Points Earned!

• Receive access & information to pre-orders and special events

• Receive exclusive points promotions throughout the year

• E-mails with New Release Previews

• P.C. Richard & Son Game Guide Mailed with Savings Coupons




Start earning P.C. Richard & Son Generation Gamers Reward Points today...
P.C. Richard & Son Generation Gamers Rewards Program

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Generation Gamers Reward Points Program Membership ("Membership" or "Member") is open to all United States residents (excluding residents of Puerto Rico or any U.S. territory) who are at least thirteen (13) years of age. By becoming a member of the Generation Gamers Reward Points Program ("Program"), you represent that you are at least (thirteen) 13 years of age or older and by becoming a Member of the Program, you agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions of the Program. Your Membership is subject to present and future Program Terms and Conditions and is not transferable to any other individual or existing Program Member. Your Membership is valid only at participating P.C. Richard & Son ® U.S. retail store locations and online at Enrollment into the Program begins upon Membership activation on the day of enrollment. Employees of P.C. Richard & Son®, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and all others who are eligible for employee-based discounts are not eligible for Membership.



Program Members will receive one (1) point ("Point") for every ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) spent on purchases of video games, software and related accessories, excluding consoles and portable game hardware, ("Qualifying Purchases" or "Qualified Purchase") when you present your Program membership card ("Membership Card") at the time of purchase at a P.C. Richard & Son® U.S. retail store location or when you enter your Membership number online for Qualifying Purchases made online at P.C. Richard & Son® reserves the exclusive right to modify the amount of Points received for each ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) spent on Qualified Purchases without providing advance notice to Program Members. Points will not be awarded for: (1) purchases made with P.C. Richard & Son® Gift Cards; (2) the value of any rebate; (3) purchases made for commercial use or resale; or (4) sales tax, shipping/delivery/service charges and other excluded charges. P.C. Richard & Son® reserves the exclusive right to determine whether a particular purchase is deemed a Qualified Purchase. Points will post to your Program account ("Account") approximately thirty (30) days from date of either in-store purchase or receipt of delivery. No adjustments to your Account will be made after the actual purchase date. Additional Points may be earned from time to time through special offers and promotions. The total amount of Points that will be awarded for a Qualified Purchase is based on dollars spent at checkout on Qualifying Purchases. If Qualifying Purchases are returned, either in person or by mail, an amount of Points equal to the amount of Points earned for the returned Qualified Purchases will be deducted from your Account. Points will only be applied to the first Membership Card presented in connection with any Qualified Purchase. Membership Cards maintain no cash value whatsoever, are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable. Lost or stolen Membership Cards may be replaced if the individual seeking a replacement Membership Card can establish, to the satisfaction of P.C. Richard & Son®, that such individual is the owner of the Account to which the lost or stolen Membership Card applies. All Points earned on lost or stolen Membership Cards are transferable to the replacement Membership Card. Replacement Membership Cards are not eligible for the three hundred (300) sign up bonus Points. P.C. Richard & Son® reserves the exclusive right to deny any request for a replacement Membership Card. P.C. Richard & Son® maintains no responsibility for any communications that are lost due to change of Member contact information. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply



For every ONE THOUSAND (1000) Points you earn in the Program, you will be eligible to receive a FIFTY DOLLAR ($50.00) P.C. Richard & Son® Gift Card to be used toward a future Qualified Purchase made at a participating P.C. Richard & Son® retail store location. ONE THOUSAND (1000) Points will be automatically deducted from your Account for every FIFTY DOLLAR ($50.00) P.C. Richard & Son® Gift Card issued to you in connection with the Program. Check for details. P.C. Richard & Son® will not replace any lost or stolen gift cards. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply.



You may cancel your Membership at any time by notifying Video Game Services by mail, e-mail or telephone. Cancellation may take approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks to finalize. P.C. Richard & Son® may, at any time, terminate or modify the Program and/or the Terms and Conditions of the Program without any further obligations to Members. Except where prohibited by law, P.C. Richard & Son® reserves the right in its sole discretion to change the Program or terminate your membership and/or the Program.


P.C. Richard & Son® reserves the right to terminate your Membership at its sole discretion.



For information about your account, visit, or call 877-PCR-1909



This Program is brought to you by P.C. Richard & Son®. In becoming a Member of the Program, you agree to receive advertising materials, marketing materials and other communications from P.C. Richard & Son®. Membership Terms and Conditions are void where and to the extent prohibited by law. Taxes will apply where required by law.


The information you provide as a Member will be handled according to the P.C. Richard & Son® Privacy Policy.

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