Free In-Store Pickup
Buy Online and Pick Up in Store
When should I go to the showroom to pick up my order?
You will receive a Merchandise Ready email stating that the item(s)
you selected are ready for pick up in the showroom(s).
Please do not go to the showroom until you receive this email.
How long will it take to get my Merchandise Pick-Up email?
The time will vary based on quantity of items, time of day, and number
of stores selected for pick up.
Orders submitted after 8pm may not be processed until the following day.
What do I need to bring with me for the pick up?
The following items are required:
  • 1. The Merchandise Ready email or your order number
  • 2. The original Credit Card used for the purchase
  • 3. Photo I.D. matching the name on the credit card
Can somebody else pick up the order for me?
Only the primary credit card holder or an authorized user of the credit card
with proper I.D. and a credit card in their name can pick up an order.
When is the latest time I can pick up my order from a store?
Pick up times are based on our normal showroom operating hours.
When is my credit card charged for this transaction?
The dollar amount of the order will be withheld from your credit card's available balance upon checkout from the website.
The charge amount will be posted to your credit card, upon verification of product availability. The order will not be cancelled or refunded without your approval.
How long will my items be held at the showroom?
The selected showroom will hold your item(s) for 7 days from date of your Merchandise Ready email.
To prevent any cancellation or refunds of your order, please pick up
all items within this timeframe.
How many items can I pick up at one time?
There is no limit to the quantity of items you can pick up.
Note: Larger quantity of items can take longer to process.
What happens if the item(s) are unavailable at my selected location?
If the item(s) you selected are unavailable in the showrooms you selected, a customer service representative will contact you to arrange
pick up at another location or to deliver the item(s) to your home.
What should I do when I get to the store?
Present your email confirmation to any salesperson or office staff
to complete your in-store pick up.
Is every item eligible for in-store pick up?
Most items are eligible for in-store pick up. Eligible items will have an
icon next to the product on our website.
Can I change my mind and have the item shipped if I cannot get to a store?
Yes, you can have the order switched to a home delivery at any time. Please contact our customer help center at 877-727-1909 to arrange a delivery.
What if my order is wrong?
If the item you ordered is incorrect or incomplete, please see the store manager to resolve the error.
How do I cancel or return an in-store pick-up order?
Please contact our customer help center at 877-727-1909
to cancel or return your order and have your card refunded.
What if I need further assistance or have additional questions?
Please contact our customer help center at 877-727-1909.
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