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25 Things to Do Around Your Fire Pit

Enjoying a beautiful fire pitPicture this: you’re sitting outside with your family on a beautiful night. A vast, cobalt sky covered in twinkling stars is overhead, and a cozy, crackling fire gives off a warm glow. You’ve got the perfect scenery, and now all you’re missing are some fun things to do! Make any evening memorable with the magic of a fire pit

Here’s some ideas to get cozy by your fire pit set:

  • Watch a family favorite movie (yes, outdoors) on a SunBrite outdoor television.

  • Play board games.

  • Play card games.

  • Share stories with friends and family. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you? What’s your fondest memory?

  • Tell spooky campfire stories. 

  • Chill out and listen to relaxing music with outdoor speakers.

  • Read an enticing novel and explore a new genre.

  • Use your camera or camcorder to remember the moment.

  • Write a poem (the scenery’s inspiring)!

  • Exercise your creativity—write a short story.

  • Keep a journal.

  • Sketch a picture.

  • Eat a homemade dinner by the fire.

  • Bake a pie in the oven and then share dessert around the fire.

  • Watch the sunset.

  • Watch the sunrise.Children enjoying the fire pit

  • Enjoy coloring books (for the whole family).

  • Play some campfire games.

  • Play some musical instruments and sing.

  • Paint the sunset or sunrise and incorporate all of the colors you see in the sky.

  • Share a snack by the fire. Use a popcorn maker.

  • Set up tents and go camping in the backyard.

  • Play backyard games like volleyball (at a safe distance).

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee made with the convenience of a coffee maker.

  • Spend quality time together with your friends and family.

What do you like to do around your fire pit? 

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