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5 Home Gym Technologies to Keep You Motivated

The best workout routine is one you stay committed to. Sometimes motivation is low-- perhaps you worked late, or the weather is bad, so you skip going to the gym despite your best intentions.

An easy solution is working out at home. If you have reservations that you’re not getting the same quality training or that your equipment will become another clothes rack, don’t worry. These 5 home gym technology advancements will deliver incredible workouts and keep you motivated to reach fitness goals from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Pro Form Monitor Built-In Workout Apps

This is not new technology, but it’s gotten better over time. The multitude of different routines built into treadmills and elliptical machines from companies such as Pro-Form offer a variety of training that will constantly push you and keep exercise interesting.

These apps are easy to use, normally consisting of a one-button press to get started. Most importantly, these apps have been designed by expert trainers. They are sure to deliver the best results in the limited time you have in your busy schedule. So burn more calories, keep progressing, and have fun while training in your home gym!

Large Touch Screen Monitors

These screens are featured on many affordable Pro-Form equipment options. If you’re interested in upgrading older equipment, or purchasing for the first time, look for one with a built-in touch screen. These monitors show workout information at a glance, pertinent training routine stats, and are Wi-Fi enabled.

You can download your favorite training apps, use your social media accounts, or stream a TV show while getting in serious calorie-burning mode.

Built-In Tablet Holder

Free time is limited, so multi-tasking is the new norm. Why miss a second of the big game or a TV show by going to the gym? Lock your tablet in place and catch up on TV programs and sports to fully maximize your free time.

Make training time your time and head to your home gym to exercise, answer emails, catch up on homework, or stay entertained while time flies by. This will help make exercise a part of your daily routine instead of a chore.

iFit Touchscreen iFit Coach Ready

Many Pro-Form exercise machines are iFit Coach Ready (subscription required). This feature is the epitome of an exciting training experience. Immerse yourself in another state or country while receiving beneficial cardio. iFit lets you select an outdoor course and virtually places you right inside of it.

Explore trails in Oregon one day and the streets of Paris the next. This technology displays the images as if you were there, and the training equipment reacts to the elevation and terrain changes for an immersive and customized experience. Train every day with a fresh course and enjoy the entertainment of outdoor exercise, all in the comfort of your home.

Pro Form Speakers Built-In Speakers & Smart Phone and MP3 Input

Stop settling for the music everyone is listening to on the overhead speakers at the gym or getting tangled up in headphone cords while working out. Instead, crank up powerful speakers that are built into many elliptical machines, exercise bikes, or treadmills from Pro-Form.

Plug-in your phone or MP3 player and select the music that motivates you. You can play it as loud as you’d like without having to worry about shared public space. Training is your time, so enjoy it. Plus, it’s known that music motivates users to push themselves, because we subconsciously begin to pace ourselves to match the beat of the music. Get more from every workout and make progress while bouncing along to the beat.

Are you ready for some real results from your daily exercise routine? Start today by shopping our full line of fitness equipment. Check out some of the new technologies that are bringing fun, excitement, and motivation back into exercising at home.

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