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5 Mattress Myths Debunked

Woman waking up happy If you’re getting the right amount of sleep, you can expect to spend a solid third of your life snoozing on a mattress. And although they clearly play an important role in everyday life, there are still a number of common misconceptions about mattresses that might affect your purchase and care decisions. We’ll address five common mattress myths and explain why they’re not as true as you might think.

1. You need to replace your mattress every eight years.

For some mattresses, this might be exactly the case – but the number will inevitably vary based on several factors, including which kind of mattress you own, your body type and how you cared for your mattress over time. Some mattresses may lose their value after only a few years of use, while other, better-made mattresses might hold out for 10 years or more.

2. Firmer mattresses are always better for your back.

While very firm mattresses certainly have their benefits, it’s important to bear in mind that everyone sleeps differently, so your mattress choice has to be tailored to your unique sleep habits and body type. Additionally, according to Harvard Health Publishing, mattresses that are too firm can detract from your quality of sleep, while mattresses that are simply firm or medium-firm tend to keep sleepers much more comfortable.

3. One size fits all.

When you’re shopping with a tight budget, you might be under the impression that the first affordable mattress you find will get the job done until you have more cash to spare. This is, unfortunately, not an outlook that will lead to quality sleep. If you select a mattress that doesn’t cater to your body type and sleep style, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a number of restless nights ahead of you. Try to invest in a mattress pad or topper for a cost-effective way to enhance your comfort level if you do find yourself in this situation.

Couple testing a mattress in store 4. Your new mattress will feel perfect from day one.

A new mattress should definitely feel like a step up from one that’s sagging or worn out in other ways, but if it doesn’t feel like total bliss on the first night, that doesn’t mean you made the wrong selection. We spend a good portion of our lives on our mattresses, so your muscles are likely used to finding the most comfortable spot on your older mattress. That familiar feeling of comfort will soon apply to your new mattress, too – just give your body some time to adjust.

5. More money means more comfort.

Some brands price average-quality mattresses higher than others will price their top-quality selections. Rather than focusing on just how much money you’re spending, take the materials each mattress is made from, as well as its other design features, into consideration to ensure that it measures up to your needs.

Get The Rest You Deserve

Finding the right mattress isn’t an all-encompassing sleep solution, but a comfortable bed is an excellent first step on the path to restful sleep night after night. Outfit your bed with an updated mattress and mattress pad to get started.


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