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Creating the Ultimate Backyard Tailgate

Group of friends at a backyard party Football season is here! If you follow the games or not, there's room for everyone to get involved in the excitement. Game day is a great excuse to get friends and family together for some fun and good food. If you like throwing parties and want to impress your friends, here’s everything you need to throw the ultimate backyard tailgate:

The Big Game on a Big Screen 

Don’t make a rookie mistake and use an indoor TV outside. Even if you plan to take the TV back inside after the game, you run a risk of damaging it and voiding your warranty. Instead, try a SunBrite Outdoor TV or outdoor projection screen.  It may seem like a bit of an investment, but once you tailgate outside, you'll never want to watch in the house again! And, don’t just think football… think of other sporting events, movies, or favorite shows that you can watch outdoors as well.

Take a Seat

You may not have enough patio furniture to seat all your guests. There's nothing wrong with instating a BYOC: Bring Your Own Chair. Most people own some sort of portable chair, whether they’re beach chairs, camping chairs or folding chairs, and having them bring their own works perfectly with the tailgating theme.

Grilling at a backyard party Something Smells Good

A tailgate isn’t a tailgate without the smell of BBQ in the air! The perfect grill for tailgating is one that has an extra work surface for prepping and a side burner for cooking chili and stews.

Cold Beverages

If you only have one thing for a tailgate, it should be a seemingly endless supply of cold drinks. A cooler serves this purpose fine, but remember to label them; you don’t want your guests consistently opening the cooler that you've stored food in while looking for a beverage. To avoid this, make the jump from rookie to MVP and upgrade to an outdoor refrigerator. With an outdoor refrigerator, you can store all your food for the grill and leave the coolers for beverages.

Get the Party Started

Music is the key to setting the mood, and the mood at your tailgate should be high energy! You'll need a Bluetooth speaker or outdoor speakers to play that awesome playlist you put together.

Get Everyone Involved

Getting everyone involved is the best way to ensure a successful tailgate. You want to make sure everyone is having a good time, including those who don’t follow the game. For the kids at the party, have activities set aside to keep them occupied and allow your adult guests to enjoy themselves.


Lastly, as the host, don’t forget to ENJOY YOUR PARTY as well! A happy host is a sign of an awesome party. Happy tailgating!

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