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Different Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

Woman sleeping on stomachEverybody has a favorite sleeping position. What you might not realize is that the position you sleep in could provide insight into your personality or your current state of mind. The following are the most common sleeping positions and what they might mean about your personality:

Sleeping straight on your side

There are several ways you can sleep in the side position. If you sleep straight on your side, like a log, it means that you're probably a sociable person who is very trusting.

Sleeping curled up in the fetal position

The fetal position is one of the most popular sleeping positions. People who prefer the fetal position often have tough exteriors but tend to be a little shy or even sensitive on the inside. It might also mean that you're a bit of a worrier.

Sleeping straight on your back

Not many people sleep on their backs with their arms straight down their sides. If you sleep like this, then you’re probably a very serious person who prefers to have some structure in your life. You might also have high expectations of yourself and of others.

Sleeping on your stomach

Those who sleep with their hands below or around a pillow while on their stomach are often very sociable and outgoing. However, even though you might act like a free spirit in expressing yourself, you might be nervous on the inside, which is something that you keep hidden from others.

Sleeping sprawled across your bed

This position is often referred to as a "starfish" position because those who sleep in such a way will spread their arms and legs across the bed. If you sleep in this manner, it means that you value your friendships over all else. You're a loyal friend who goes out of your way to help your friends whenever possible.

Sleeping while hugging a pillow

If you find yourself clutching onto a pillow while you're sleeping, then it most likely means that you value the relationships within your life and that you make a conscious effort to maintain and grow your relationships with friends, family, neighbors or coworkers.


These are some of the most common sleeping positions and what they could mean about your personality. Whatever position you sleep in, it's important that you have a mattress that provides both comfort and support. Find the mattress that's right for your sleeping needs.

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