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Don't Let a Noisy Air Conditioner Keep You Awake: The Quietest Air Conditioners for Your Home

Man covering his ears with a pillowLearn why some air conditioner models are noisier than others, and find out which brands sell the quietest air conditioners with these tips:

Why Do Portable Air Conditioners Make So Much Noise?

While most people expect residential air conditioners to be quiet, many aren't. Most often, a new unit will start off fine and become noisy over time. There are several reasons why this could occur:

  • Units that are too heavy, improperly mounted, or loose could cause excessive vibration and noisily bump against your walls.

  • Fan motors that aren't sufficiently lubricated could create a loud noise and potentially damage the motor over time.

  • Bent fan blades or foreign objects that accidentally fall into the unit can also cause a significant amount of noise and potential damage.

If you suspect any of these issues or don't know the cause of a loud sound, have a professional come out and inspect your air conditioner to find out what can be repaired.

Sometimes, a noisy air conditioner is loud simply because it's too old or poorly made. In that case, it's likely time for an upgrade. Today's quietest air conditioners take advantage of modern technologies to keep you cool without being an annoying distraction. Keep reading to find out which models are the least noisy and how to tell which kind you're buying. 

Ac control panelWhat Do BTU and dB Mean?

When shopping for a new air conditioner, you'll see models that describe the unit's BTUs, which stands for British thermal units. The higher the unit's BTUs, the more heat it can remove from a room every hour. The number of BTUs you need can vary based on room size, location, use, and occupancy. Watch our short video to learn how to calculate how many BTUs you need to effectively cool each room in your home.

Some models also list the unit's dB, or decibels. Decibels describe the intensity of the noise that comes out of the unit. This is extremely important if you plan on putting your new air conditioner in a quiet room, like the bedroom or an office, since you don't want the unit to be too loud and distracting. The quietest air conditioners on the market emit between 37 and 46 dBs, which is less noisy than your typical desk fan. To find out which air conditioners are the quietest, simply look for models with low decibel levels.

When you're ready to upgrade the air conditioners in your home and get back to having a silent night's sleep, shop the quietest air conditioners available at P.C. Richard & Son. We have everything you need to stay comfortably cool in peace and quiet, including portable units, window air conditioners, and more options from the brands you trust.

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