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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Sweeper on Hardwood FloorWhether newly-installed or as old as your home itself, hardwood floors are a popular décor choice for many homes. Since the point of a hardwood floor is to keep it as visible as possible, it's important to make sure they're always looking their best. Here are some important tips on the best ways to clean hardwood floors!

Keep Moisture to a Minimum

Just as with laminate floors, a key point in taking care of hardwood floors is to minimize contact with moisture as much as possible. If liquid sits for too long on top of a hardwood floor, it can end up seeping between the floorboards and cause warping and other damage. This is why you shouldn't use a wet mop to clean your hardwood floor, and definitely never a steam cleaner. It's also important to soak up any spills immediately.

Simple is Best

When it comes to a cleaning implement for hardwood floors, it's best not to overcomplicate things! For starters, don't underestimate the cleaning power of a good old-fashioned broom and dustpan. This classic is a gentle yet extremely effective way of cleaning debris from your hardwood floor. Be sure to use one designed for indoor use rather than the rough-bristled type meant for heavy-duty outdoor jobs. Using a vacuum cleaner is also a good idea, as long as the rotating brush is turned off. The best mop for hardwood floors is a dry one, so use a dry microfiber mop or even a dry string mop. To pick up even more debris, spritz a little cleaning solution onto the mop before you start wiping. If you need to clean sticky residue from a spill, spray a bit of wood floor cleaner on a cloth and rub it clean with some elbow grease.

Shoes on a Welcome MatPractice Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your hardwood floors from getting dirty in the first place is much better than cleaning them! Place a mat in your home's entranceway to allow grime to be scraped from everyone's shoes upon entry, or just simplify everything by enacting a shoes-off policy in your home. Placing a carpet over high-traffic areas of your hardwood floor can help protect it from wear and tear as well. A few minor changes in your home can help keep your hardwood floor cleaner, so don't hesitate to take some preemptive measures!


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