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How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate Floor Being VacuumedLaminate floors are a popular alternative to hardwood. They're more scratch-resistant and dent-resistant than wood, making them ideal for high-traffic households. Laminate floorboards are made by laying a photographic image of wood grain over a wood or fiber core, which is then covered in a clear protective coating. These multiple layers of different materials make laminate floors resilient but unique enough to require specialized instructions for cleaning. If you've got a laminate floor in your home, here are some tips for keeping it looking great for years to come!

Don't Clean It Too Soon

When it comes to a freshly-installed laminate floor, one of the most important things to remember is to give the boards time to settle and adjust to the room's heat and humidity levels. A newly-installed laminate floor usually requires at least 24 hours of curing before it can even be walked upon, so don't even think about cleaning it before then. We're not saying to sit back and let it get filthy over the course of months – just be sure to give it some time to settle before you do a deep clean.

Step Away From the Mop

As tempting as it may be, mops are not a good choice for cleaning laminate floors. The mop's moisture that ends up sitting on the floor's surface can seep between the boards and lead to warping. Steam mops are also to be avoided, as the heat combined with the moisture can do even more damage to the floor. You're much better off keeping your mops relegated to linoleum or tile floors.

So now that you know mops are out, what's the best way to clean laminate floors?

Vacuums Are Your Ally

When it comes to laminate floor care, a vacuum is the best tool to use. It'll get rid of debris, it'll clean out the spaces between the boards, and you won't have to worry about any liquid making contact with the floor. The best vacuum for laminate floors is one with a "Wood Floor" setting, or alternately, one with the spinning brush powered off. If you're looking to do a large-scale cleaning of dry debris from your laminate floor, a vacuum is your best bet. If you're wary of using a vacuum, a microfiber dust mop can also do the trick.

Make a Homemade Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate floors do not take kindly to soap or detergent-based cleaners, and certainly not to wax or refinishing solution. The best cleaner for laminate wood floors is one that you can easily make at home by mixing one cup of vinegar into one gallon of water. Cleaning laminate floors with this vinegar solution ensures a clean floor without any residue, and it's incredibly wallet-friendly! If the stain you need to scrub is from juice, wine, or chocolate, soak a cloth with your natural laminate floor cleaner and use it along with some elbow grease. Be sure to soak the laminate cleaner into a cloth or sponge rather than pouring it directly on the floor; it's still important to minimize the floor's contact with liquids as much as possible. If you're dealing with a spill like candle wax or chewing gum, just harden it with some ice and then gently use a plastic scraper to remove it. Paint, ink, nail polish, or crayon marks should be spot-cleaned with a rag dampened with rubbing alcohol or pure acetone – and make sure that the area is well-ventilated while you do!

Practice Preventative Maintenance

The easiest mess to clean up is one that doesn't exist in the first place, so why not take some precautionary measures to ensure your laminate floor stays clean? Put a mat in your entranceway to help rid shoes of any dirt and debris upon entry into your home, and place rugs on the sections of your laminate floor that get the most traffic. Use felt protectors on the feet of any furniture resting on your laminate floor to prevent scuffmarks. The less cleaning that needs doing, the better!


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