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How to Wash Your Pillow in the Washing Machine

White pillow on a bed You wash your pillowcase regularly, but did you know you should be washing your pillow, too? When you’ve been using it for a while, it’ll start to get yellow and full of dust and germs. A great way to keep these allergens at bay is to use a pillow protector, but you still need to wash the pillow approximately every six months to ensure healthy breathing. The process is very simple!

1. Before you start, check the tag to make sure your pillow is machine washable. Most are, but foam and buckwheat ones need to be washed by hand.

2. Remove the pillow case and protector.

3. Wash two or three pillows at a time to keep the load balanced.

4. Use a mild detergent, and add a bit of bleach to tackle the yellowing.

5. Use hot water and a gentle cycle. When the cycle’s complete, run it through a rinse again. Since pillows are thick, they require a little extra cleaning to make sure everything stuck to them is removed.

6. Dry the pillows either in the dryer or by putting them out in the sun. If you use the dryer, put them in with a couple tennis balls wrapped in clean socks. This is an easy way to fluff the pillows up as they dry.

That’s it! Repeat the process twice a year, and your pillows will stay fresh and healthy for much longer. Are your pillows beyond repair? Check out our selection here and treat yourself to a comfortable, clean pillow today!

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