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How to Make Your Mini Fridge Colder and Run Longer

Mini Fridge Next to DeskYou’ve just bought a mini fridge, and you’re probably thrilled by the prospect of having cold beverages and refreshing snacks close at hand. Before you start stocking it with the finest edibles, make sure your mini fridge is set to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. Here are some important tips!

When you’re in the process of moving, always keep your mini fridge upright. Laying a refrigerator on its side allows oil to seep from the compressor into the cooling lines, which will hinder your refrigerator’s ability to cool. If you're reading this too late and you've already stored your mini fridge sideways, don't panic – just turn the unit upright and leave it for 24 hours before plugging it in. This will give the oil some time to drain from the cooling lines, but keep in mind that it may still take up to several days for your mini fridge to reach full cooling power.

No matter where you decide to place your mini fridge, NEVER operate it directly on a carpeted surface! Since the compressor and condenser are built into the bottom of the refrigerator, placing the unit on carpet will pose a risk of you overheating your refrigerator and possibly singeing your carpet. If you have no choice but to put it on a carpeted surface, place a vinyl floor mat or a large square of linoleum between the carpet and the refrigerator to ensure safe operation.

When you’re choosing a spot for your refrigerator, make sure it's as level as possible. If your mini fridge is lopsided, its contents will settle to one side, plus the refrigerator door may not seal properly. Most mini fridge models are made with adjustable legs, so you can adjust your refrigerator's feet to even it out. Depending on the model, this may require a screwdriver.

Also, be sure to leave at least three inches between the refrigerator and any walls to allow heat radiating from the unit to properly dissipate. Otherwise, the mini fridge will have to work extra hard to cool down, and may overheat.

Stocked Mini FridgeWhen you've finally chosen the perfect spot for your mini fridge, it's time to plug it in and allow it to get cool before filling it. Rest assured that most mini fridges can plug into any standard electrical outlet. Your fridge includes a "Coldness" dial that probably ranges from 1 to 7, and you should consult the manual to find the recommended setting. Give it a few hours to reach its fully-cooled state, and once it's ready, start loading it up with your favorites!


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