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Seltzer vs. SodaStream and Why I Switched

SodaStream with sparkling water drinkSearching for healthy drink alternatives to soda and juices can be challenging. Luckily, my family and I drink a lot of flavored seltzer— not only is it refreshing, but it’s caffeine and sugar free. I’m pleased this is our drink of choice, but while dropping empty cans into the recycling bin one day, I began to think about my impact on the environment and the amount of money I spend a month on cases of seltzer.

Looking at those empty cans, I thought of all that recycling waste and couldn’t believe a small family produced so much. Then, I thought about how many times I found half-empty cans lying around or in the refrigerator. No one drank them, they went flat, and eventually ended up in the recycling bin anyway. What a waste.

I needed a solution, and some research lead me to SodaStream. It’s a product I remember seeing commercials for, but the brand name made me believe that it was just for soda. This isn’t true at all. The SodaStream makes carbonated water that you flavor to taste. They have a variety of soda, juice and water options. I decided to give it a try.

What Do You Need for SodaStream?

I wasn’t sure what kind of commitment I was going to make for this product but, in the end, I went all-in. I purchased the SodaStream Source Starter Kit based on aesthetics alone. It was thin, compact, and had a modern look. The kit comes with a carbonator, a carbonating bottle and a 6-count SodaMix taste sampler. I decided to buy an additional carbonator because I wasn’t sure how long it would last. I also wasn't sure if the included 1 liter carbonating bottle would be enough, so I also got the 1 liter carbonating bottle twin pack for a constant 3-liter supply.

SodaStream on Counter

How Do You Use SodaStream?

I opened the box and realized that no assembly was required– I simply had to screw the carbonator into the back of the unit. The process took seconds. Next, I filled the carbonating bottle and snapped it into place. Then, I pressed the top button 3 times to make sparkling seltzer water.

Personally, I like my sparkling water with a lot of bubbles. With SodaStream, you can decide how fizzy you want your drink to be. To add flavor, I poured a single drop of Lemon-Lime MyWater Flavor Essence into the glass.

How Does SodaStream Taste?

The moment of truth arrived as I took the first sip. I was greeted with delicious, refreshing, perfectly-carbonated sparkling water. It was great, and tasted better than any brand seltzer I’ve ever purchased because I could customize the flavor intensity and carbonation to my preferred taste. I was hooked immediately.

Is SodaStream Worth It?

It is for us – we use the SodaStream constantly! On average, we go through about 4 liters daily. It has made us drink even more water per day because we love the flavors. I’ve tried all the flavors I’ve purchased and was pleasantly surprised by the taste of each. I plan on exploring more of the drink mixes because they tasted good and most are completely sugar free.

Will SodaStream Save Money?

I quickly realized my monthly seltzer bill was cut in half and that a carbonator easily lasts over a month– even with my family’s heavy usage. Now my recycling bin is nearly empty, and I feel better that I made a positive change for my family and the environment. The best benefit is you don’t have to commit to an entire can; just pour the exact amount you want from the bottle with no waste and half-empty cans!

Now I consider myself a bit of a sparkling water barista. I mix and craft flavors easily and have created many of my own combinations. The SodaStream website has an exceptional recipe section to help inspire some new flavor ideas. My personal favorite is one I created myself: I take mint leaves and drop them into ice-cold fizzy water with a slice of lemon for a refreshing minty lemon sparkling water that’s perfect on a hot day.

Don’t take my word for it. If you love sparkling water or you’re looking for healthy soda alternatives for you and your family, then try it. The SodaStream has plenty of variety and flavors for anyone, plus the ability to create your own will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. 

Want to know more about SodaStream machines and their wide variety of accessories and flavors? Shop P.C. Richard & Son now and explore the selection for yourself!


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