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Sonos One: Alexa for Music Lovers

Sonos One Speaker in BlackYou're an audiophile. You're obsessive about sound, and you only allow your music to travel through the finest of speakers. You've been thinking about getting Amazon's Alexa for years now, but the thought of using subpar audio inside your living space is enough to make you cringe.

We've got news that'll be music to your ears.

Sonos is pleased to announce the release of its latest innovation: The Sonos One. This single-speaker device combines the convenience of Amazon's Alexa with the auditory majesty of a Sonos speaker. With Alexa built right in, you'll be able to do everything Alexa does, with the bonus of every note and lyric in your playlists being heard with Sonos-quality sound. Here are some highlights of the Sonos One!

Small Yet Mighty

With the wildly successful Sonos PLAY:1 as its baseline design, the Sonos One is built with Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers to bring the most impressive audio capabilities possible for such a compact speaker. Another feature is Trueplay, a system that automatically adjusts the speaker's sound to best accommodate the size and shape of the room in which it's being used. Measuring in at just 6.36" tall and 4.69" wide, the Sonos One is small enough to fit on any bookshelf or end table, and its simple design blends right into any décor.

Need Something? Just Yell.

The Sonos One is made with six custom-designed microphones, ensuring it'll clearly hear your voice command to play a song, an artist, an album or a playlist no matter where you are in the room. The Sonos One works with Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, SiriusXM, internet radio, podcasts, and more. Of course, music is only part of it – you can also request your Sonos One to report the news, forecast the weather, place an Amazon order, or answer any random questions you may have. If you'd rather use your hands, the Sonos One also features touch controls, and the microphone can easily be muted whenever you'd like.

Sonos One Speaker in BathroomReady to Rock

As long as you've got WiFi and a power source, the Sonos One can be used pretty much anywhere. The unit is moisture-resistant for worry-free use outside during a party, in the bathroom while getting ready for a night out, or in the kitchen while cooking up an elaborate meal.

The More, the Merrier

Bring your audio experience to the next level by adding more than one Sonos One speaker to your setup. To surround yourself in stereo-sound goodness, add a second Sonos One to the same room. If you want your music to ring throughout your entire home, put a Sonos One in several different rooms. To command the music to stop playing in one room, turn the volume up in another room, or play different songs in different rooms, all you need is your voice.


Why wait another moment to get the 21st-century convenience of Alexa into your home? Why not enjoy hands-free control over your music while playing it on the crystal-clear sound system it deserves? Shop P.C. Richard & Son today to get a Sonos One of your very own!

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