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The 4 Best Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman sleeping on sideAs an expectant mother, getting plenty of rest is important for both you and your baby. Your sleep position will affect the quality of that rest. Following are four positions that work best during pregnancy:

1. Sleeping on your left side

Sleeping on your left side is considered the best position for expectant mothers. When you sleep on your left side, more nutrients and blood will reach the placenta as well as your baby. Although switching to the right side can be more comfortable, you don't want to stay there too long as this position will put pressure on your liver.

2. Propping your upper body up

Pregnant women sometimes have trouble breathing while lying down. Use pillows to prop your upper body up a bit to help reduce the amount of pressure that you're putting on your diaphragm. Doing so can also help to relieve heartburn, another symptom of pregnancy that some women experience.

3. Propping your abdomen up

The added weight of pregnancy can cause back pain in some women. Placing a pillow underneath your abdomen can help provide additional support to your body by reducing strain on your back, and should make it easier to sleep. There are special pregnancy pillows available that stretch from your stomach to your knees, making this position easier and more comfortable.

Pregnant woman in pink shirt sleeping4. Propping your bed up

If you find yourself suffering from a lot of heartburn and propping your upper body up doesn't work well for you, then consider having your bed propped up near the head so that it slants downward. Simply putting a few books under the feet at the head of the bed should do the trick. This will help keep your stomach acids down, preventing them from going up into your esophagus. Like how you feel when propped up in bed? Now may be a good time to look at an adjustable base if you want a more permanent solution.


These are four sleeping positions that can help improve the quality of your sleep while you’re pregnant. Whatever sleeping position you choose, avoid sleeping on your stomach and back, as both can result in breathing issues and stomach problems. Having a high-quality mattress will help ensure a good night's rest as well. Find the mattress for that’s right for you.

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