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Self-Cleaning vs. Non-Self-Cleaning Ovens: Things to Consider

Turning on oven with dial When it comes to being productive in the kitchen, automated appliances can make cooking tasks go quicker and easier. Such is often the case with self-cleaning ovens. Decide if a self-cleaning unit is right for you when you consider the following:

Advantages of Self-Cleaning Ovens

The benefits of owning a self-cleaning oven are many. Here are just a few reasons why it pays to get a one that cleans itself:


No need to toil away scrubbing spilled, baked on casserole out of the bottom of the oven. Simply turn on the self-cleaning feature, and you’ll soon see a sparkling-clean oven interior once again.

They're energy efficient

Self-cleaning ovens feature especially well-insulated doors and walls. This is necessary because the unit heats up to high temperatures during cleaning. These thick walls mean the oven is energy efficient compared to regular range oven units, which saves you money on energy costs.

No need for overpowering oven cleaners

Having a self-cleaning oven means you’ll never have to experience the eye-stinging effects of spray cleaner again. Such products create dangerous fumes when heated and are better not used inside the home.

Wiping down oven Things to Keep in Mind

Consider the following reasons why some people opt for an oven that do not self-clean:

Does require some cleaning by hand

Some parts of the self-cleaning oven do require hand cleaning, including the door frame, edge of the door, and the seal. Large pieces of food must also be removed from the oven prior to turning on the self-cleaning function. In addition, racks must be removed from the oven and hand washed, as leaving them in the oven during self-cleaning may lead to damage.

Buildup can get smoky

Self-cleaning ovens use high heat to cook away food and greasy buildup. This process generally results in smoke and foul odors. If the oven is particularly dirty, the unit may smoke excessively, causing irritation to the eyes and setting off smoke alarms. Smoke is common if you’ve used the oven to cook sugary foods high in carbohydrates.

High heat

Self-cleaning ovens reach such high temperatures during the cleaning process that the oven itself is extremely hot to the touch. This means that you can’t leave the oven unattended when children and pets are around. Birds are particularly sensitive to the smoke and gas created during cleaning so it is best to remove them from the home during the process.


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