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How to Rock a 1950s Look Inspired by Vintage Appliance Ads

With the economy booming in the 1950s, consumer goods became available to more people, and an array of home appliances began to surface across America. By 1954, P.C. Richard & Son became completely committed to selling appliances, televisions, and radios. Kitchens filled with trendy pastel and vibrantly colored appliances: pink, turquoise, yellow, avocado, and ruby red. New movements were arising with everything from Elvis and rock 'n' roll to Andy Warhol and vivid, energetic pop art. Some of the most vibrant trends of the 1950s were the retro fashion styles with everything from funky cat eye sunglasses and winged eyeliner to soft curls and bold lipstick.

Our magnified and lighted makeup mirrors, along with tips from this blog, will help you master the precision and detail to achieve a classic 1950s look. We've created some ideas and palettes based off of trendy kitchen appliance colors meshed with staple looks of the 1950s, all while adding a modern twist. Don't be afraid to have a little fun with some color!

Vintage ad of woman and stove Turquoise & Avocado Vintage-Inspired Ideas

Different shades of Blue





  • Try out pastel blue eye shadow (reminiscent of the fun and funky colors of 1950s appliances)

  • Use black liquid eyeliner to create a winged look (a makeup mirror will help you with detail)

  • Try black mascara for a bold look

  • Tie a turquoise bow in your hair (the bigger, the better!)

  • Wear a turquoise or avocado-colored headscarf

  • Gather vibrant and baby blue fabrics and create a 1950s style dress

  • Wear funky turquoise or avocado-colored earrings

  • Put on a turquoise beaded necklace and some bracelets

  • Turquoise nail polish recalls the colors in vintage Frigidaire ads

  • Rock some avocado-colored or turquoise shoes

Pink vintage adPastel Pink & Floral Print Vintage-Inspired Ideas

Different shades of Pink





  • Create rosy cheeks with pastel pink blush

  • There's endless hues of pink lipstick to experiment with

  • Be creative and play around with pastel pink eyeshadow

  • Wear a floral print headband, mimicking kitchen accents of the 1950s

  • Tie a large, pink bow in your hair

  • Carry a pastel pink bag

  • Gather different floral print fabrics and make a vintage-inspired dress

  • Add some pastel pink buttons to a dress

Vintage ad of woman and stove Ruby Red & Pastel Yellow Vintage-Inspired Ideas

Variation of red to yellow





  • Bold red lipstick recalls the vibrancy of pop art 

  • Experiment with different hues of red lipstick

  • Combine ruby red and pastel yellow to mimic the look of 1950s ads

  • Collect different red and pastel yellow fabrics to create a custom-made vintage inspired dress or outfit

  • Add a red bow or headband to your hair

  • Wear pastel yellow shoes with a ruby red outfit

  • Sport a ruby red outfit with pastel yellow shoes

  • Rock some funky pastel yellow jewelry

Fun & Funky Cat Eye Glasses

  • 1950s inspired sunglasses or glasses? The brighter, the better!

  • Try out some pastel glasses (turquoise, avocado, pink, yellow)

  • Bright red glasses add a bold look to any vintage-inspired outfit

  • Can't go wrong with polka dot or striped glasses!

Soft Curls & 1950s Hairdos

  • Use a hair dryer to style your hair (this will make it extra voluminous)

  • Curl your hair with either a curling iron or flat iron (whichever you prefer)

  • Making tight ringlets and then combing them out will create a soft, wavy appearance that recalls old Hollywood hairstyle trends

  • Twisting and pinning your bangs creates a look reminiscent of 1950s hairstyles

  • Wear your hair in a bun with a headscarf

  • Get creative with over-sized bows (pastel or polka dot)

  • Experiment with different color ribbons (wear them as headbands)

Retro-Inspired Appliances from P.C. Richard & Son

If you love a vintage-inspired look, check out our Nostalgia Electrics and pastel-colored electric mixers that recall the style of 1950s kitchen appliances.

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