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What Are Counter-Depth Refrigerators?

A counter-depth refrigerator is a category related to dimensions rather than style or configuration, so don't feel overwhelmed by having yet another refrigerator option on your plate! Counter-depth refrigerators are a great option for kitchens that are low on space, as they can be placed within a counter and cabinet setup to make the most of the room in your kitchen. While a counter-depth fridge tends to be slightly lower on internal storage space, the dimensions may be an equitable trade-off if you're dealing with a small kitchen. These refrigerators are designed to blend into your kitchen's layout to make the most of the space available. Here is some additional helpful information about what to expect with a counter-depth fridge.

What Are the Dimensions of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

The exact measurements of a counter-depth refrigerator vary from model to model. However, most are roughly 7' tall with a depth between 27" and 30", and a width between 35" and 37". It's up to you to take some measurements and find the best dimensions for the kitchen space. Don't forget to include room for the door swing!

How Deep Is a Counter-Depth Fridge?

Since standard depth for countertops is 25 inches, the vast majority of counter-depth refrigerators are built with that measurement in mind. There is some variance in available depths, but most counter-depth refrigerators that are made for residential kitchens hover between 27" and 30" deep. This allows them to sit just far enough beyond countertops to easily open doors, but deep enough to create a seamless look.

How Wide Are Counter-Depth Refrigerators?

Counter-depth refrigerators tend to be fairly slim to add to their low-profile appeal. There are some variances – much more than in the depth measurement department – but the vast majority of counter-depth refrigerators tend to be between 35" and 37" wide.

How Tall Are Counter-Depth Fridges?

Height is a much more open-ended option than the other dimensions on a counter-depth refrigerator, as it's the least spatially-limited part of the appliance. Since seven feet tends to be the standard height for most refrigerators, it's very easy to find counter-depth refrigerators that are around that height. Of course there are variations to suit your individual needs, and the options available from P.C. Richard & Son includes heights as low as 34" or as high as 84".

Are Counter-Depth Refrigerators Worth It?

Only you can answer this question! It really depends on what your priorities are for your kitchen. If saving space and creating a fully-integrated look is what you're after, a counter-depth refrigerator might be the perfect choice for your kitchen. If you do decide to go for one, P.C. Richard & Son is the perfect place to get it! Our selection of counter-depth fridges includes a variety of options for refrigerator styles, including counter depth French door refrigerators, bottom-freezer refrigerators, and side-by-side refrigerators. We've also got color options to match any kitchen décor or motif. Shop P.C. Richard & Son now, and find the perfect counter-depth fridge today!

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