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What are the Different Types of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods?

In this article, you'll learn the differences between:

Maybe your kitchen is undergoing a total remodel, or maybe you've recently noticed your kitchen is smokier than usual while you're cooking. Either way, you've decided it's time for a new ventilation system! We've got a detailed breakdown of all the different types of kitchen ventilation hoods so you're sure to find the perfect one for your home. Read on, and breathe easy!


Ventilation Montage with LabelsDucted vs. Recirculating Range Hoods

Before we get into the different styles of hood, let's explain the two types of ventilation. A ducted ventilation system is one that leads outside, and empties out into the open air in the exterior of the home. If you don't already have this system in place in your kitchen, adding one may end up being time-consuming and expensive. However, its efficiency and effectiveness in removing smoke and humidity may be worth it for people who do large volumes of cooking. The other ventilation option is a ductless or non-vented range hood. This is a closed system that pushes kitchen air through a filter and empties it back into the kitchen. While many people find these styles to be less effective than ducted systems at removing humidity from a steamy kitchen, the fact that they can be installed anywhere without an exterior duct makes them a very convenient choice. Please note that some ducted range hoods are convertible to ductless. When selecting your style, be sure to take into account your kitchen's ventilation capabilities and your budget, as well as your personal preference.

Under-Cabinet Range Hood

An under-cabinet range hood mounts directly beneath an over-the-range cabinet and blends into the design flow of the cabinets above and around the range or cooktop. Careful measurement of available dimensions in the under-cabinet area is important when choosing an under-cabinet range vent.

Over-the-Range Microwave with Vent

If you'd like to save counterspace by using an over-the-range microwave, a microwave-hood combination is a great option. These styles feature a built-in vent fan on the underside of the microwave for removing fumes and steam from the range or cooktop below.

Wall-Mount Range Hood

These wall-mounted range vent hoods are attached directly to the wall above the range, and do not require a cabinet for mounting. These are usually installed higher above the range than a cabinet-mount hood.

Ceiling-Mount Range Hood

Most commonly used over a kitchen peninsula or island cooktop, vent systems with a ceiling mount provide completely vertical ventilation with no need for wall or under-cabinet mounting. Please note that the opening of this style of hood needs to be wider than the cooking surface over which it's being mounted. Also, most models require an exterior duct.  

Downdraft Vent Hood

For kitchens lacking adequate space over a cooktop, a downdraft ventilation system can be an ideal solution. These vents are installed alongside the cooking surface and pull smoke and fumes downward or sideways instead of upward. While these are a great choice for small kitchens, please note that this style can only be used with a cooktop.


Hopefully we've cleared the air about your options for kitchen ventilation. If you've been drawn in by the prospect of owning one of these vent hoods, start shopping at P.C. Richard & Son! Our selection will blow you away, with options from today's most current appliance brands at the guaranteed lowest prices. Start shopping now!

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