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What You Need to Know When Buying a Remote Car Starter

You’re looking for a remote car starter system for the convenience, but maybe you’re not sure which one would be right for you and your vehicle. Purchasing a remote start can be a bit confusing, but we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at the different types of remote car starters, the benefits of each, and how to make them compatible with your car.

To simplify the multitude of systems and options, remote starters can be broken down into three categories: Basic Remote Starters, Alarm/Remote Start Combination, and Digital Remote Starters with SmartStart.

Will it work with my car?

The most important accessory is the Bypass/Interface Module. Modern vehicles come equipped with transponder keys to help deter theft, and this system will safely bypass this the instant the vehicle is started. The Bypass/Interface Module also communicates with the vehicle’s computer to allow keyless entry, trunk release, factory alarm integration, and more. Consulting a professional salesperson or installer may help you determine if you’ll need this accessory.

Viper Basic Remote Start unit Basic Remote Starter

Basic remote starters come with keyless-entry remotes that take the place of the factory remote and offer longer operating range. They duplicate the keyless-entry functions when the vehicle is running; a feature most factory remotes lack. There’s also dedicated trunk release and remote start buttons built into a compact remote.

Other system variations include a single-button remote that will start the car and unlock the doors, or a basic system that uses the factory remote by pressing the lock button three times. With the basic system there’s no need to carry additional remotes, but range is sacrificed and you may have to open the vehicle’s door manually with the key.

Alarm/Remote Start Combination Systems

 These all-in-one units start the vehicle and protect it. They offer amenities such as longer operating range, extra channels to control windows or power sliding doors (additional modules may be required), and a variety of remote styles.

Standard features for all alarm systems are a built-in starter kill system to prevent hot-wiring; door, hood, and trunk coverage that triggers the alarm if opened; and keyless entry. Also, they come with a siren to alert and draw attention to the vehicle.

The combination system featured here is a Viper two-way LCD screen that monitors the vehicle continually, and any zone violations send an instant notification to the remote. Choosing a system that features an alarm is best for vehicles that are parked outside or have extended stays in parking lots.

Viper Smart Start unit Digital Remote Start Systems with SmartStart

These are the newest systems, and they’re packed with technology. They provide keyless entry, trunk release, and remote start, all controlled from the SmartStart app and a smart phone. The range is unlimited; all you need is data service to operate this unit. There are several models including units with GPS tracking and alarm security. These are compatible with many vehicles, but not all, so be sure to check with an installer.

Depending on the system, you can GPS track the vehicle’s location, set maximum speed alerts,  geo-fence, and receive notifications if the vehicle enters or exits specific areas, and more! A service plan is required, but it’s well worth it for the unlimited range and vehicle status alerts. Also, when you sign up with the Viper system, it includes membership in the Viper Motor Club, a free 24/7 roadside assistance program.

Add a SmartStart for Ultimate Convenience

You can add this SmartStart module to any system as long as they’re Viper or compatible DEI starters. The digital systems already have it built-in, but if you own a remote start, this is a great add-on.

Cool for the Summer, Warm in the Winter

The benefits of adding a remote starter can be beneficial all year long. Whether cooling the interior during a sweltering hot day or defrosting the windshield in the winter, a remote start is a great addition to your lifestyle. If you know what features you’d like, selecting the right remote starter system will be a breeze.

Interested in a Remote Car Starter? Shop our full line of remote start and security systems.

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