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Air Conditioner Installation Types: Portable Air Conditioners

If you can’t install an air conditioner in your window or through a wall, then a portable air conditioner is a great solution. Learn more about the advantages and how easy they are to install: 

 Portable air conditioners cool, dehumidify, and filter air.   Set up is simple, and they will cool a room nicely. Portable A/Cs are also great for supplemental air conditioning and can be used along with central air.   Like any type of air conditioner, the hot, humid air must be exhausted outside of the home.  Portable air conditioners utilize a vent hose that will extend up to seven feet. The open end of the vent hose is attached to a window kit, which is designed to sit on a windowsill. You can close your window down on top of it, holding the piece in place.  

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