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How to Use the Bose SoundTouch App

The Bose SoundTouch app makes it easy to explore and control a multi-room audio experience in a truly effortless way. Let me take you on a quick tour of the app. You'll notice along the bottom each of the rooms that are connected to the network are listed. Every time I bring up the room, it's showing what is playing in each one of these different areas. When I click on the living room, it will now give me the ability to add additional rooms or group rooms to this living room. If I click on the bedroom, you'll notice that it appears now above the line. If I add the kitchen, that also appears. We also have individual volume controls, where I could control the volume of the bedroom separate from the living room as well as the kitchen.
Down in the bottom, you'll find your master volume control. The master volume control is designed now to control that living room group that is above the line. As I increase the volume down below, you'll notice they're all increasing and decreasing. I'm now going to press the living room again to reduce that. If I go to the upstairs area, I can see what is playing there. If this happens to be one of my favorite artists or groups, I can now hold my finger on the artwork and drag the artwork over to a preset. I have now set this as my favorite number 4 preset. You have 6 presets on all the SoundTouch products, but also from the app. If I was now listening upstairs to preset number 4, I could now simply press preset number 1 to go to the number 1 favorite preset.
Over to the right, you'll see the explorer. When I press explore, this is where I'll find all of my different music services that are available, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify. These are some of the most popular streaming music services. I can also go to my iTunes library, my music library. I can search by artist or genre, maybe even the playlist that I put together earlier. If I press the arrow to the left, it brings me back one step in the menu system. I can also scroll up to internet radio. Here you can search for either local radio stations or global stations. If you'd like to find and play a radio station that you were listening when you were on vacation or maybe just from your home town, this is a great way to play those stations. I'm now going to press the arrow back again to go back to my main menu.
As we scroll up, you'll also find add music. This is where you can add streaming music services. Settings is where you can actually adjust your account under the help button. This is where you'll actually find how-tos. This is where you'll find how to explore different internet radios or music services, how do you add speakers to your system. Let me go back to my living room group here. Over in the lower right-hand corner, you'll find a button that says play everywhere. I've now grouped all my rooms together. I can adjust the volume of each of these rooms right from the bottom. In the lower right-hand corner, you'll find the power button. This will power down the entire system.

With the Bose SoundTouch app, your favorite music is only a touch away.  

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