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Monitor Your Home with Nest Dropcam

The Dropcam by Nest is one of my favorite connected home products. You see this allows you to drop in to see what is going on at any given time. This is an HD indoor camera that features night vision as well as a 103rd degree field of view which means you can see the whole room with one camera.

It features a glass lens, so you are going to get excellent resolution. You can view these images on your tablet or smartphone and if you're looking to zoom in it's simple you just pinch on the screen to zoom in and pinch out on the screen to zoom out.

It also features 2 way communication so there is a built in speaker as well as a built in microphone, so if you want to speak to someone on the other end they will be able to able to hear you.

What is also unique is if it senses motion at any time, day or night, it is going to send you a notification. The greatest part about this camera is a 60 second set up time. You take it out of the box plug it into the wall and then you download the app and that's it real simple. The Dropcam by Nest is designed to also work with the entire Nest family of products. 

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