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Smart LED Lighting with Philips HUE

Our homes have changed drastically over the past 100 years, but one thing that hasn't changed that much is lighting. We have been lighting our homes with incandescent bulbs for a long time and today we are starting to transition from the incandescent bulb to the LED bulb. LED bulbs are far more energy efficient, saving you money every time you go to light up that room. 

But now we can take lighting to a totally different level. Philips Hue Lighting provides lighting that is not only LED, but is LED lights that you can change to any color of the rainbow, up to 16 million different colors. 

What's nice about this light is that you can program in different scenes. Lets say for example you're waking up in the morning and you want to have a nice warm light to wake up to, with a simple touch of the button you can program all the lights in that room to go to that color. Maybe you have a presentation or your reading a book preparing tomorrow for work, well you can also have some bright lights to help you concentrate and see the pages a little bit better. 

What I like about these Philips Lights is not only can you control it from the Philips Tap, which provides 4 different program settings, you choose what you want in these settings. If you can dream of it, it can be programmed in here very easily from the application you download for free. This application can run right on your smartphone, so from your smartphone you can now adjust the different colors of a light, change to any color as I mentioned earlier.

A real cool feature of this product is that it has a notification mode. You can program these lights to actually start to flash or change to different colors or go from bright to dim to remind you about a special event. Maybe it's your favorite TV show, or in my case, it's dinner time. 

Philips Hue Lighting is simple to install, you just screw it in to your existing fixtures, may it be your ceiling fixture, may it be a wall fixture or a lamp that is on your living room table, very easy to install and extremely easy to operate. And, my favorite, they are very energy efficient. 

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