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The 3 Main Functions of an Air Conditioner

There are three primary functions to a room air conditioner:

1.) Cool a specific area  

A room air conditioner is meant to cool a particular space such as a room or two connected rooms, not an entire home. Without one, your space could feel like an airtight sauna on hot summer days. Keeping the room that you stay in most often cool is important, otherwise your body could overheat. A room air conditioner will help keep you safe and at a comfortable temperature during heatwaves. You can keep your room extra cool by trapping the air; shut your door and close your windows so that the cold air doesn't escape. 

2.) Dehumidify 

Aside from cooling a space, a room air conditioner will remove moisture out of the air so you're not sitting in a cold, clammy environment. If your space has a lot of dampness, this could promote bacteria, mold, and pests. Moisture is an ideal environment for these unwelcome invaders, and dehumidifying your home during humid months is essential. 

3.) Filter air 

Another function of a room air conditioner is to filter air within the home. For many, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander are allergy triggers, causing sneezing and congestion. Using a room air conditioner can help remove particles from the air, keeping it clear of allergens. 

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