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Vacuum Cleaners and More at P.C. Richard & Son!

Floor care can be a big task – but our selection of vacuum, floor, and steam cleaners will get you prepared! P.C. Richard & Son offers a spectacular inventory of vacuums, carpet cleaners, and more to help you tackle any type of floor cleaning. Accessories like vacuum bags, filters and belts, as well as other appliances needed for cleaning non-carpeted floors are also available!

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P.C. Richard & Son sells a wide variety of vacuum cleaners to fit any cleaning need or price range. If you prefer the single-unit style of vacuums, an upright is a great choice, and we offer them in a huge range of styles and price levels. Canister vacuum cleaners may have a "retro" look, but don't be fooled – today's models boast the modern cleaning power and superior engineering of the 21st century.

Looking for a totally hands-off cleaning experience? P.C. Richard & Son carries robotic vacuums to roam around your carpets for stray crumbs or dust

If you're looking to go beyond vacuums, steam cleaners allow deep cleaning of carpets as well as sanitize hard floors. Be sure to check out our selection of hard floor cleaners if bare floors are your biggest cleaning concern.

Get everything you need to keep grime at bay in your home – shop P.C. Richard & Son today for the best in floor cleaning!