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Vornado Ultra3 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for rooms up to 600 sq. ft.
MODEL: HU1003106
  • FREE
  • 1.0 Gallon Water Capacity
  • 12 Hours Run Time
  • 2.0 Gallons per 24 Hour Period
  • Designed for Small Size Rooms
  • Warm Mist
Vornado Evap40 Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier for rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft.
MODEL: HU1004565
  • Online
  • FREE
  • 12 Hours Run Time
  • 4.0 Gallon Water Capacity
  • 4.0 Gallons per 24 Hour Period
  • Cool Mist
  • Designed for Large Size Rooms

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Stay comfortable during the dry winter months with a cool mist humidifier! Running the heat in your home can make things excessively dry, and a humidifier is a great way to add some much-needed moisture to the air. These machines expel water vapor into the air and create a comfortably humid environment to soothe dry sinuses, calm respiratory issues, and reduce frequency of static electricity shocks. For the perfect home humidifier, shop P.C. Richard & Son now!

Find Large or Small Humidifiers for Any Room

P.C. Richard & Son has a variety of humidifiers to suit any room in your home. If you're looking for a bedroom humidifier for yourself or your child, we offer a great selection of small-room options, including kids' and baby humidifier styles. If you need one for a larger space like a living room or rec room, we offer humidifiers designed to cover spaces of up to 1000 square feet. As always, we carry the most trusted brand names at the guaranteed lowest prices. You'll find the perfect air humidifier at P.C. Richard & Son. Shop now!

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