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The Miele brand encompasses superior quality, performance and convenience. Engineered in Germany, all Miele vacuums are tested for up to 20 years average usage – each day delivering the same great performance as day one. Designed specifically for your needs and preferences, there is a perfect Miele option for every home. In addition to providing an exceptional clean, Miele vacuums are known for their unique AirClean Filtration System which captures and retains over 99.9% of all lung damaging particles.
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An Introduction to Miele

Miele vacuums deal with reality. They're designed and manufactured to meet your needs and preferences.

Miele Canister Vacuum Series

There are three choices of Miele canister vacuums. See their similarities and differences and find out which canister vac is right for you.

The Miele Vacuum Selection Process

Start from the floor up: Miele has created three nozzle systems. See which one is tailor-fit for your needs and preferences here.

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Ever since they produced their first vacuum cleaner over 90 years ago, Miele has developed a global reputation for quality, innovation, and dependability. Miele vacuums are renowned for their exceptional cleaning power and versatility, and their unrivaled build quality makes them some of the longest-lasting home appliances on the market. Every new Miele vacuum cleaner is built entirely in a company-owned factory and put through a vigorous testing and inspection process. The result is an unbeatable combination of performance and reliability, supported by advanced features like adjustable suction power and ultra-hygienic air filtration. Ready to find the best Miele vacuum cleaners at the guaranteed lowest prices? Browse our assortment and save on the premium vacuum you've always wanted.

Miele Canister and Stick Vacuums Available

There's plenty to choose from when you shop Miele vacuums on sale at P.C. Richard & Son! Canister models provide the most suctioning power and can be used on hard surfaces, carpets, stairs, and in hard-to-reach places like car interiors. A canister vacuum also provides flexible storage capabilities thanks to Miele's sophisticated Compact System.

Stick-model Miele vacuum cleaners offer lightweight, easy-to-use designs in a compact package that takes up minimal space. Keep your model in top working condition with replacement filters and other vacuum accessories. Whatever your personal cleaning needs and preferences are, the best Miele vacuum for you is right here at P.C. Richard & Son. Shop online or visit your local store today.

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