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2016 Jeep Wrangler- In Need of Bass, But Low on Space

Jeep Wrangler in Installation Bay A customer visited our Lawrenceville NJ Mobile Installation Center looking to upgrade his 2016 Jeep Wrangler’s sound system. The vehicle was brand new, but the factory sound system was lacking some much needed low-end impact. The Jeep Wrangler comes with stock 6 ½” speakers in the overhead sound bar and lower dash, two 1” tweeters on top of the dash, and AM/FM CD player Radio with Bluetooth features. Overall, the customer enjoyed the convenience of the sound system, but no matter what EQ adjustments he made, he could not achieve the deep bass he desired.

Why Bass?

Deep bass provides warmth and detail to music that cannot be achieved by the small full-range speakers that are standard in many vehicles. These full-range speakers have the duty of producing the full spectrum of sound, and can reproduce some higher bass notes, but cannot adequately reproduce the deeper notes that are more common in music today.

Fans of all styles of music from classical to hip hop can benefit from adding a subwoofer. The kick drum, bass guitar and other key instruments that appear low in volume or non-existent come to life, enabling you to hear exactly what the artist intended. These low bass notes need a larger speaker ranging from 8”- 15”, plus an enclosure tuned to replicate these frequencies in the music. This sonic information makes up 30% of the overall sound and, when reproduced accurately, adds volume and fuller dynamic tones.

Wrangler storage area with Amps mounted Small Space

This Wrangler 2-door Sport Model had very limited interior space, restricting the amount of room to add equipment. The customer brought up these concerns to Ernie, our professional mobile installer in the Lawrenceville location. Ernie agreed the sound system needed a boost, so he went over the vehicle and found a clever way to deliver exactly what the customer wanted with very little modification.

To get the required boost, we installed the powerful Alpine MRVM500 500 watt mono amplifier using an aftermarket signal converter and high quality MTX ZN3KI-08 Street Wire cables, and hid the amp inside a rear factory compartment. The amplifier was completely concealed and didn’t consume valuable real estate inside this small vehicle.

Next, we added the Kicker 10TC104 sub box for its power handling and slim design. It’s ported, providing a boost in overall output and low frequency response, and it easily fit in the cargo area.

With the system tuned to channel the vocals and high frequencies to the interior speakers and the deep bass notes to the Kicker subwoofer, the final results were dramatic. The new system eliminated the muddy sound of the interior speakers at mid to high volumes, improving clarity. Also, the subwoofer added sonic information that could not be reproduced by the small interior speakers, resulting in an overall increase in volume!

Sub box in Wrangler trunk

Looking for a mobile electronics upgrade?

Whether you want to protect your vehicle with a security system or add some speakers for amazing sound, our P.C. Richard & Son Mobile Installation Centers will help you select the right system for your needs and provide all the installation you require. We can hook you up with subwoofers, hands-free Bluetooth stereos, remote car starters, and tons of other electronics and vehicle accessories. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our installations and the lowest pricing. Stop into one of our Mobile Installation Centers to learn more.

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