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5 Excellent Resources for Digital Photography Tips

Everyone wants to take nice pictures. After all, half of the photographs we take are going to end up on Facebook or Flickr for all to see, right? By watching a quick video or doing bit of light reading here or there, you can develop and hone your digital photography skills. We've laid out 5 excellent resources for tips on digital photography below that cater to any photographer on any experience level. What are some of your favorite resources and what's the best picture you've ever taken?

1. Digital Photography School

Whether you are simply a casual point-and-shoot camera user or professional photographer, the Digital Photography School website has something for you. They are a strong community of photographers from all levels of experience and share photography, equipment and post production tips. You can also share your own photographs, participate in the reader poll, submit your entry for their photo assignments, participate in their forums, and more.

2. DPhoto Journal

DPhoto Journal is also a community of photographers and, as of this writing, feature almost 270 digital photography tips on their blog. These tips range from video how-tos, to how to sell your photos online, to creating special effects and more. This site also specializes in equipment reviews. Make sure to check all of their blog categories on the left-hand side of the page!

3. Digital Photo Tutorials from Cambridge in Colour

For step-by-step tutorials on camera and imaging basics, photo tools, color management, and advanced topics like specialty camera equipment and macro photography, head over to Cambridge in Colour. They have excellent visuals and spelled-out instructions to make you a photo pro in no time flat. Be sure to also see their list of photography techniques for more on image composition, how to shoot subjects or environments, and lens differences. For similar tutorials, you should also see this free digital photography tutorial site.

4. Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo Magazine is available both online and in print. They have an impressive collection of high-quality how-tos on their website that include step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to achieve professional-looking photographs for even the "beginner shutterbug." Some of my favorites are ten tips for photographing kids and 10 tips for better travel photos.

5. YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/

You may be thinking, "Really? YouTube?" Yes, really, YouTube! What can't you learn on YouTube these days? There are some great channels and videos for nothing but digital photography tips, including those from DigitalPhotoGuy, WhatDigitalCamera, MomPhotographer, photo151, and camerahouse1983. There are thousands of digital photography videos on there, so you're pretty guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for.

Image credit: kevindooley on Flickr

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